CJRB&Artisancutlery Knife Warranty Information:

CJRB&Artisancutlery Knife guarantees knives to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the original owner throughout the product's lifespan. If we identify any defects in manufacturing, materials, or workmanship, we will repair or replace the product with an equivalent model.

If Artisancutlery Inc chooses to replace the knife, it will be substituted with a similar model or one of comparable value if the original is unavailable.

Artisancutlery Inc does not cover repairs for knives misused (e.g., throwing, prying), abused, or intentionally damaged. Broken tips resulting from improper use are generally not covered under warranty.

For warranty service, contact our CJRB representatives (details below). You must obtain a return merchandise authorization and send the original knife to our designated address.

If a returned knife issue is not due to material or manufacturing defects, it will not qualify for warranty work. You may opt to have the knife returned at your expense or seek non-warranty repair options.

Damage from misuse, chipped edges, improper sharpening, or neglect-related rust is not covered.

Broken, lost, or bent metal clips are typically not covered under warranty.

Any repairs performed by sources other than CJRB void the knife's warranty.

Modification of the knife from its original state voids the warranty.

For missing hardware, contact our representatives for replacements.


Knife Care:

CJRB&Artisancutlery knives are high-performance tools crafted from premium materials. Our blade steels boast high carbon content for superior cutting edges, but may corrode without proper care. Apply a light coat of oil to the blade and hinge before storage. For rust cleaning, use fine-grade semi-chrome polish.

Contact CJRB&Artisancutlery for Warranty:

Email: service@CJRB.net

Website: https://cjrb.net/pages/contact

For inquiries or assistance, reach out to CJRB&Artisancutlery. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need support.